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* Irregardless of VA Disability Ratings, are you a classifiable para-athlete according to the US Paralympic Classification System for Paracycling, Paratriathlon, or Track and Field?
* If you have a USAC para-cycling classification, indicate your current category.
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Are you currently attending a Service Academy?

If you are currently attending a Service Academy please email for a coupon code. 


Click HERE to read Team Waiver


Statement of Conduct: I understand that, while US Military Endurance Sports is not an official Government activity, my conduct will reflect on the men and women of the United States Armed Services.  I acknowledge the right of the staff to remove myself from the Team roster, inform USA Cycling and USA Triathlon of this removal and have Team affiliation removed from my racing license, and be requested not to race or ride in Team apparel for any reported substantiated offense which brings discredit to the Team, my teammates, or the US Military.  I further acknowledge the right of US Military Endurance Sports to conduct this removal at any time and at the sole discretion of the Executive Director of US Military Endurance Sports. 


Click HERE to read Anti-Doping Policy

* Electronically sign that you accept the above Team Waiver and Statement of Conduct:
* Anti-Doping Policy: I have read the USMES Policy on Performance Enhancing Substances and Methods and affirm that I have not been sanctioned by the US Anti-Doping Agency or World Anti Doping Agency.
I would like USMES to automatically renew my membership annually; I understand I can adjust this at any time in my profile settings.
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